Virtuoso Case Study

Client: Luxury Travel Agency Network
Video: News Videos


Virtuoso is a leading luxury travel advisory network of member agencies, advisors, destinations, hotels, tours, airlines and attractions. Their yearly networking event, Virtuoso Travel Week, has been billed as the Fashion Week of travel and takes place every year in Las Vegas.


Virtuoso, and its New York based PR agency, Alice Marshall Public Relations, was looking to position Virtuoso as the go-to resource and leader in travel trends. Virtuoso annually publishes a “Top 10” list of destinations that Americans and Canadians are traveling to based on the travel booking data from their members.


Alice Marshall Public Relations and Virtuoso commissioned LuxStory Media to produce and editorially distribute online video news pieces on their “Top 10” destinations list for Canadians and Americans.  Additionally, a custom-to-publication video was specifically produced for AFAR Magazine on the same topic. LuxStory Media secured footage of each destination to edit and distribute the videos. The content garnered over 100K+ views on MSN, Yahoo!, Huffington Post, USA Today, AOL in the US and Canada.

Virtuoso’s Hot Top 10 Travel List
News Video

Virtuoso’s Top 10 Destinations Canadians Are Traveling To This Fall And Winter 2015
News Video

Virtuoso’s Top 10 Destinations Americans Are Traveling To This Fall And Winter 2015
News Video