LuxStory Media provides strategic ideation and creative direction on how to best utilize storytelling video to meet you or your client’s Marketing and PR objectives.

We produce experience-focused content for domestic and international markets with the understanding that what resonates in one region might vary in another.

LuxStory Media works with all sizes of CVB’s, DMO’s, tourist boards, travel trade companies, hotels, hotel collections, airlines and hospitality brands.  We work with lifestyle brands that intersect with travel to organically incorporate them in video content that we produce.

Contact us to open a discussion on video storytelling. We are happy to discuss which video formats work best to create an impactful interaction between your brand and your customer.



Impact + Reach = ROI

Producing impactful, story-driven video is one half of the solution. The other is distributing the content for customers to see at various stages in the sales cycle.

We achieve this with targeted and broad reach through custom-to-publication and content publisher distribution services.

Read this case study on how custom-to-publication video acts as a marketing video with credibility. And how content publisher distribution means your brand’s video stories are getting in front of customers where they are already paying attention.


Influencer Marketing And Video

LuxStory Media works with a network of ethnically diverse influencers that have broad and niche audiences. We vet, provide analytics and produce multi-platform influencer itineraries based on our client’s marketing and PR objectives.

LuxStory Media also produces story video of custom influencer itineraries.  These videos provide further amplification across the brand’s digital sites and the influencers’ platforms.

Our curated roster of influencers span culinary, photography, family, lifestyle, wellness, beauty, fashion, adventure and fitness verticals. They have engaged audiences on a cross-section of platforms: Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.