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Visit Kingston Influencer Trip Highlights

LuxStory Media produced a multi-influencer campaign with a suite of videos for Visit Kingston. The weekend road trip included 3 influencer itineraries across culinary, photographic architecture, nightlife and family travel verticals to the region. Below we share some fun highlights from the campaign!

View our complete suite of videos and case study and contact us to learn more about our turn key influencer management with video process.

Our Kingston weekend getaway has begun! Anjum, our MasalaMomma is enroute to Kingston from Toronto with her family!

Sarah, also know as Tastes by Jade, ate her way through town!

and Vincent, explored all the hidden gems

Are you planning an influencer press trip? Learn how you can add-on video!

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TripAdvisor Introduces Property Videos

TripAdvisor is the world’s most influential travel website and one of the largest travel marketing channels for hospitality businesses. Using TripAdvisor’s features, such as the newly launched Property Videos, can effectively can help win guests and grow your business.

TripAdvisor’s new Property Videos feature is as way for businesses to engage with potential guests and travelers.  Setting yourself apart in a crowded market through static images can be challenging.  Property videos allow you to connect directly with potential travelers in a dynamic way. It brings your property and the people that make it special come to life with story, emotion and a unique voice.

How To Incorporate Property Videos Into Your TripAdvisor Strategy:

– Highlight key areas and bring them to life
– Interviews with key members of your team (i.e. a talented Chef, a friendly front desk agent, the property’s interior designer) that will convert a potential traveler or keep a loyal guest returning
– Special announcements! Use video to build excitement for an anticipated renovation or special event
– Capture the essence of your brand through a storytelling video

Our client Fogo Island Inn commissioned LuxStory Media to produce a cinematic, story-driven brand video that would visually capture and convey the essence of the inn and its surroundings.  This video is now being used as an asset on the Property Video feature to capture and convert potential travelers and guests on their TripAdvisor profile, an important channel and tool for their marketing team.

Visit Fogo Island Inn’s TripAdvisor page to view our brand story video and to see how our client is using TripAdvisor’s Property Video feature to win over guests!
Please contact us to schedule a call about your brand storytelling video and learn more about how we work with brands and agencies.
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Women In Travel Series: Zita Cobb, Founder, Fogo Island Inn

“I think the reason most of us travel is to have a shift in perspective. And a part of that is to always try and understand or to navigate your place in the world.” – Zita Cobb

Zita Cobb grew up on Fogo Island, a small island off the cost of Newfoundland, on the east coast of Canada. She was one of seven children growing up in a house with no electricity or running water. She left the island to study in Ottawa and pursued a career as a finance professional in the technology industry. In 2001, Zita left the industry to pursue her personal goals and to dedicate her energies to philanthropic work. (more…)

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Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy With These 3 Video Formats

We have all heard the statistics affirming that video can transform your social presence and engage audiences. However, it is important to know what kind of video will best suit your needs. Whether you decide to produce a marketing or storytelling video, strategically selecting the type of video you need is key. Let’s take a closer look at the types of video that can support your content marketing initiatives. (more…)

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The Power Of Visual Storytelling

More than ever before, brands need to be creative, agile and customer-centric to stand out and make an impact with consumers. Telling your brand’s story, in lieu of traditional marketing messaging, will assist with this by engaging with consumers and forming connections. (more…)

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