Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy With These 3 Video Formats

Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy With These 3 Video Formats

We have all heard the statistics affirming that video can transform your social presence and engage audiences. However, it is important to know what kind of video will best suit your needs. Whether you decide to produce a marketing or storytelling video, strategically selecting the type of video you need is key. Let’s take a closer look at the types of video that can support your content marketing initiatives.

Storytelling Videos

Storytelling videos are produced with an editorial undertone. This is the kind of video that reels in viewers because they are captured by the narrative supporting the visuals. The content of these videos is seen to add value for viewers and evoke an emotional response. Storytelling videos can work to support targeted distribution of content. Large digital publication sites are using videos to add layers to print stories and boost engagement on social platforms.

Marketing Videos

We have come a long way from traditional forms of marketing material. Where past examples of marketing videos came across as overt sales pitches; now content creators have identified that an element of storytelling or news must be present in the content. A marketing video works when driving attention to a new product or service. It should establish a call to action to drive viewers to dive deeper into the brand.

LuxStory Media produced this stylized marketing video in collaboration with The Benjamin Hotel in New York. While the call to action may be subtle, the interesting narrative prompts the viewer to discover more on the hotel website.

Social Media Videos

A well thought out social media strategy involves a mix of user generated content and videos that are strategically edited to fit the platform. Editing a video for Instagram or Facebook is not the same as trimming an existing video. Video for social must be snappy and captivate viewers in a shorter amount of time. One of the most significant considerations when sharing video content on social platforms is addressing whether content can be understood without audio. Because people scroll through their social channels and watch without audio, content creators are challenged to develop video to be compelling without audio or to include text captions to align with platform norms.

This video we produced in collaboration with the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau can be viewed without sound and establishes a clear narrative.

It is great to see so many brands interested in engaging in video. As a first step, brands must consider their marketing objectives. Once clear goals and objectives have been identified, content creators can strategically select a video format that suits the campaign needs and promises to deliver strong ROI.

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